Cake Fail

Isn’t this a pretty cake? All iced, rainbow sprinkles? A classic party cake?


There was this potluck birthday party a couple weeks ago (remember the ratatouille?) and I said I’d made cake and I’d share it with you. The truth is, although it was very yummy and pretty, it was a pain in the ass to make and I had to make huge changes. I don’t feel right sharing the recipe because it’s so complicated and the changes are significant. I’m disappointed, Dorie Greenspan! Your recipes are always complicated but they usually work out beautifully. I still love you but this is going to take awhile for me to get over.

Anyway, It was supposed to be a chocolate-vanilla marble cake. Four layers of vanilla cake with dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse-like frosting. The dark chocolate frosting was tricky but turned out wonderfully; light and the right amount of sweetness. The white chocolate, on the other hand, refused to blend with the liquid and was actually pretty gross. So I trooped out to the grocery store at 9:00 on a Saturday night to buy more icing sugar to make a vanilla buttercream. I do that and begin to put the cake together.

Pretty, right?

More layers…

Whoops, out of frosting with only half the cake done! I made double the amount that the white chocolate frosting would have been and it still wasn’t enough. Cue another trip to the grocery store for more icing sugar.

In the end, it turned out and was yummy, but buttercream in those quantities is VERY sweet. By the time I got to the party I didn’t even want to look at the cake anymore. Ah well, it happens. I’ll post some exciting dessert recipes soon to make up for it.


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