Wedding Cupcake Inspiration?

Hello friends! I know, it’s been awhile. It was a long, busy, exhausting summer. It was wonderful too, but I’m a bit relieved it’s over! And now it’s September, which leads me to another topic: my partner and I are getting married in a few weeks!

We’ve been planning this for a few months, but it’s been a slow process of actually telling people. I’m slowly piecing together that my hesitation is about a lot of fear: of being vulnerable, of stupid, homophobic reactions, of being rejected by my queer community, of buying into heteronormativity on some level… The experience has reminded me a lot of coming out, and my fear is mixed with a lot of shame. I’m trying to throw that as far away from me as I can because it’s so toxic.

One way I’m doing that is immersing myself in the details of preparing for the wedding. One of the last things to do is decide what kinds of cupcakes to make (of COURSE I’m making them). We’re going to have a chocolate champagne cake (with pink icing!) for cutting, and need ideas for the cupcakes to go with it. What are your favourite fancy cupcakes?

PS I made the cake and cupcakes pictured above for my friends’ wedding last summer. The cake is adapted from this recipe for Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes from Annie’s Eats. So delicious!


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