Quarter Century Party

DSC00643I turned 25 on Friday. Twenty-five! One of my friends jokes that I go through an “annual aging crisis”, and it’s completely true. This year it wasn’t too bad, and we had a great party to celebrate. When I was planning my wedding, I found this wonderful idea for a cupcake topping bar. It was too complicated to plan for the wedding but this weekend… it finally happened!

I made three different types of cupcakes (mint chocolate, cookies and cream and apple cider, all from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World), peppermint chocolate sauce, and butterscotch sauce, and laid out M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, berries, chocolate cookie crumbs and rainbow sprinkles. It was all delicious. I also served a bunch of savory treats, all of which will make an appearance on this blog soon; they deserve their own posts.


I adapted the directions from Joy the Baker’s cake banner tutorial to make a larger banner for the cupcake topping bar. It’s super easy to do!


Finally, I made tissue paper flowers to decorate the table and the hallway. I used this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, and once you figure out what you’re doing, they’re easy to make as well! I attached the twine to chopsticks to make little stems to put in vases, but you could also hang them or place them wherever you like.

It was a beautiful party with so many lovely friends. And now for Christmas!


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